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On this page, you can find out more about my academic background, my professional experience and my work values.


Originally from Belgium, I live near Leuven. In March 2022, after a first experience in a translation agency in Spain, I started as a freelance translator. During my final year of my Master's degree, I obtained a certificate in legal knowledge for translators, and am now a sworn translator registered with the FPS Justice.

My passion for languages and cultures was a key factor in my decision to become a translator and make a living from this rewarding activity. I've always been curious about learning new languages and taking an interest in all kinds of fields. Today, as a translator, I am constantly exposed to a multitude of subjects, ranging from legal and medical to marketing and technology. Every translation project I'm given is therefore a new opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge and feed my curiosity.

Education and experience

Inter-university certificate: legal knowledge for sworn translators and/or interpreters - UCLouvain

Master's degree in translation, specialising in European and international affairs (English and Spanish) - UCLouvain

Translation thesis (translated work: Freedom of Expression and Religious Hate Speech in Europe)

Bachelor's degree in modern languages and literature, general studies (English and Spanish) - Minor in law - UCLouvain

Continuous training: latest courses attended


"Les textes de loi fondant le métier de traducteur juré : la théorie indispensable pour s'y retrouver"


"Déontologie : théorie et pratique pour savoir comment agir en professionnel"

To find out more about my professional experience or the projects I have already been entrusted with, please contact me. I'd be delighted to send you my updated portfolio.

My values

It's essential for me to build genuine relationships with my colleagues and customers, based on mutual trust and respect. Effective communication is essential if we are to meet your needs as effectively as possible and provide you with accurate, high-quality work.

I guarantee to provide you with quality work, respecting deadlines and confidentiality. Each project is treated with the utmost attention, and services are tailored to your needs.

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