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Translation process
and commitments

In order to guarantee you an accurate, high-quality result, here are the different stages in the translation process that I follow.

All the conditions are specified as soon as I receive your request, when I draw up a quote for each project.

Analysis of the source text and the request

First of all, I carefully examine the source text to be translated. I analyse the content, structure and context to understand the overall message and who the target audience is. During this stage, I also familiarise myself with any resources that may have been sent to me (style guide, specifications, terminology database, etc.). This stage will enable me to draw up an estimate of price and delivery time.


Terminology and documentation

Before translating the text, I carry out the necessary terminology research and document myself on the subject. This preliminary research is essential if the source text contains, for example, technical terms, acronyms or specific references. Of course, at this stage, communication (with the network of experts or with the customer) is a key element in the event of comprehension difficulties.



When I start translating the source text into the target language, I always ensure that I convey the meaning and intention of the original text while adapting the style and structure to the target language, always taking into account the various resources available, the terminology and the subject area. When translating, I compile a terminology database.


Revision and editing

Once the translation is complete, I carry out a thorough revision of the text. In other words, I check the translated text for grammatical accuracy, terminological consistency and fluidity. I make any necessary changes and ensure that the translation flows smoothly and conforms to the linguistic and stylistic standards of the target language.


Quality control

A final check is carried out using spelling, grammar and terminology consistency checking tools.



Once the translation process has been completed and quality assured, I deliver the translated text in the same format as the source text (Word document, PDF file, etc.). The translations are then ready to use. You will be invoiced on delivery.


Follow-up and communication

I am of course available to answer questions, discuss changes or clarify specific passages if necessary.

My commitments

Quality & precision

Quality translations that preserve the integrity of the original message while being accurate and faithful to the context. I pay particular attention to detail, grammar, syntax and appropriate terminology.


I am committed to adapting to the specific needs of each project and to carrying out in-depth research where necessary. I ensure that I understand the context of the source text and use appropriate resources to provide an accurate and relevant translation.


I understand the importance of confidentiality in the translation business. All information and documents entrusted to me are treated with the utmost confidentiality. I undertake to respect the privacy of my clients and to sign confidentiality agreements where necessary.

Continuous training

I believe in continually improving my skills as a translator. I regularly review my work and am open to comments and suggestions from my clients. I strive for continuous training in order to offer translations of the highest quality.

Meeting deadlines

I am aware of the importance of deadlines and am committed to delivering translations on time. I plan my work efficiently and communicate regularly with my clients to ensure punctual delivery.


I am available to discuss projects with my clients and answer any questions or concerns they may have. I believe in open and transparent communication to ensure smooth collaboration.

Let's work together

This translation process guarantees a precise, fluid result that is tailored to the target audience, enabling efficient and accurate communication between languages.

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