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Services and specialisations

I take on your requests from English, Spanish and Dutch.

On this page, find out more about my services and areas of specialisation.


I translate your private and professional texts from English, Spanish and Dutch into French, respecting the standards of the French language and remaining faithful to the source text.

Which documents?

  • Administrative or legal texts, reports, patents, instructions for use, brochures, newsletters, press releases, product sheets, deeds, contracts, etc.

Sworn translation (certified)

Sworn in at the Court of First Instance in Liège (Belgium), I can translate all your official documentation, whether for Belgium or abroad.

Which documents?

  • Certificates, diplomas, attestations, birth certificates, marriage certificates, extracts from criminal records, contracts, judgements, driving licences, court rulings, summonses, etc. or any other document with legal value.


Don't think that machine translation can replace human translators. It still has many shortcomings. Using a professional translator makes all the difference. I offer you a natural, high-quality result.

Proofreading and revision

Are you looking for the opinion of a native French speaker to check the accuracy of a text that has already been translated? I'll check your translation against the source text. I'll also help you get rid of spelling and syntax errors, awkward turns of phrase and unnecessary repetitions in your text.

Which documents?

  • Thesis, dissertation, course report, minutes, etc.

Areas of specialisation

As a specialist translator, I work in the following fields:

  • Translation of European and international affairs;

  • Legal and sworn translation;

  • Marketing/communications translation;

  • Technical translation;

  • Web translation;

  • Tourism translation;

  • ...

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